During project phase of packaging, to select correctly materials to use, it’s important as much as defining structure and right layout.

Not only wrapping paper, but also the board plays a relevant role in achieving client’s tasks.

If between many there’s the need to provide elegance and competitiveness, the board flexography can represent the “go to” way.

But what does it mean exactly?

Flexography is a printing technology that features a direct impression over the board (both waved and rigid) that has achieved quality levels and definition way higher during past years, at the point to be chosen as a guideline of many luxury brands.

To print board directly enable smart process (avoiding to double layer paper/board) obtaining multiple bonus such as saving money and competitive quotations.

It’s the way adopted by the brand THE ATTICO that for its packaging has selected a black printed board, achieving important results with a refined and luxury box, with the right value.

scatola The Attico

scatola fondo coperchio The Attico