When we face the need of a new box, to select a structure is often the first step we jump in, defining the shape of the packaging we can obtain.

If the needs of the brand are including the will of a strong box, but still able to play with details to transmit a message of identity and exclusivity, the choice should be a shoulder box.

But what does it mean, exactly? Practically we need to design a bottom, a lid and an inner box (basically another bottom included inside the bigger one) destinated to hold the content, with or without a holder.

The inner box can be totally inside the outer, so not visible once closed, or a little over: here we can play with the external highness in line with the client desires.

The Rondinella case was about a concept of funny packaging, to hold baby shoes. The inner box was wrapped using a different color paper between the lid and bottom. The final job results particularly in line with the referment task.

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Scatola e controscatola Rondinella

Scatola e controscatola Rondinella