Working with luxury brands of fashion system forces us to respect severally the highest quality standards, for any phase or product.

In small productions and projects where the hand-making component is relevant it is easier to check for wrong elements: the quality control here happens in every phase directly with human eyes.

On the other hand, we manage productions with elevated numbers, for those it requires to respect quality standards with specific procedures on materials and process.

Every raw material from board to paper it’s checked out with an extremely high level of attention, with both an analysis on materials and tests that ensure the perfect workability.

The automatic productive cycle, necessary for ten thousands units productions, is set up in order to enable to die cut phase and wrapping operations to be performed by machines avoiding mistakes.

In this way, with lots of thousands and thousands of pieces a day, boxes destinated to became holders of refined and elegant products, precious objects, such as the Tom Ford eyewear pair dreamed by us all.

Box for sunglasses TomFord

Box for sunglasses TomFord