The annual appointment named Luxe Pack Monaco is an unmissable moment for those, like us, are about to manage on luxury packaging.

We’ve welcomed visitors in a totally renewed booth, really illuminated and homely. Our products were exposed directly from the outside, reaching great attention from lots of clients and buyers, students and journalists, amazed from the two new entries introduced during the edition.

In a moment in which the environment theme plays the deserved role in packaging field, Pisacane wanted to create a couple of special products for the Monaco event.

The precious drawer box co-branded with Icma Sartorial Paper, realized with 100% recycled paper, was projected to introduced the project “Rinascimento”: an innovative process of circular economy studied by Icma, that features a second life for cellulose wastages produced by clients enterprises, sees the possibility to realize creative papers to realize new packaging projects.

The Eco-pentagono is a project made by Pisacane that features a combination of a pentagon-shaped outer box with 5 triangular inner boxes wrapped with the new Favini special paper Refit. This paper is produced with vegetable fibers and textile fibers from wool and cotton, is recyclable and 100% biodegradable, and thanks to garments residues included in it, it has a unique tact feeling.

We are on the way to answer to any requests and project new packaging solutions, the next schedule mark on Monaco will be for 2020, see you there!

rinascimento box pisacane

Eco pentagono