To prevent client’s necessities and find solutions is the leit motiv of our daily routine. Anniversaries, special introductions, gifts and events are dates that you can find in every company worldwide. Products to be sell are always more matched with products to gift, and if there is an appointment in which the gift has a crucial importance, it is surely Christmas.

And if does the gift consist in a gourmand titbit to share?

Simple: it deserves a packaging that extols the message, amazes the recipient and respectful of producer’s budget.

This smart Nougat box has been designed to satisfy all these necessities: the food-contact paper inside permits to re-hold securely portions of content, the paper used to wrap the lids is different in line with the taste, it teases fantasy of the recipient. On the other hand, the selection of one only paper for the bottoms unites working and preparations phases, while the ribbon, applied and properly cut, helps to built a box in a such elegant and refined way.

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bottom lid nougat box Vincenti