Let’s talk about how much can be appreciated to receive unexpected gift.

The positive effect roused emotionally has very deep origins and trigs consequences that have a concrete impact on our wellness.

Science has demonstrated that in the exact moment in which we receive a present, our mind activates specific areas related to pleasure and satisfaction, bringing to the operative contribution of neurotransmitter of dopamine.

It’s easy to think that to design a box that enhances these kinds of sensations is something very important to do. Especially if the gift arrives with a courier, in an unexpected moment.

That’s the case of lingerie brand Malena, a new reality that sell underwear with refined quality. The charming box designed for their products it’s now their distinctive sign and represents the perfect solution to custody delicate garments of lingerie during deliveries.

At the moment, the lucky recipient of this gift can surely only appreciate this precious box, truly amazed.

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scatola lingerie Malena