Paper and board, two simple materials apparently, that can give life to wonderful objects. But how? Mixing together creativity and experience it can result a distinguishable packaging project in terms of originality and elegance.

This is the case of the drawer boxes, that are usually selected to enforce the brand image and its exclusivity and to identify an extremely precious object.

Inside red fired drawers realized in three different sizes, the combination of modules has created not only a packaging solution, but also a true piece of furniture.

The magnet lock of the box ensures that the opening could only happen with the ribbon and the surprise effect, main feature of many packs, it will be always guaranteed.

This packaging solution can be identified to host different commodities and it’s surely an original idea for gifts or special occasions.

If you’re interested, we can create your custom and exclusive packaging: contact us or send out the information form.

Drawer box
Drawer box in different sizes