Affirming the possibility to solve a packaging-related problem for several commodities, even between the most different ones, it’s a huge responsibility. It often happens requests that go over the standards for dimensions and inner content terms.

This is the case of the Treccani Institute, that has involved us into the project for a packaging dedicated to very high quality item: a wooden lectern realized with a combination of both walnut and eucalypt wood designed by the master Paolo Portoghesi.

This is a high-valued artistic creation from a limited quantity production, destinated to hold up big important volumes and to involve the user through a reading experience surely unique in its kind.

When the packaging plays his role, under a functional point of view, it is necessary to project the box in a smart way.

Standard size of both paper and board available in the current market can’t be sufficient to built the box following the normal procedures. In these cases the technical lab should provide instructions about special setups, diecuts that work with a unconventional system of joint points, together with the art of being invisible once done.

The wrapping phase, additionally, because of the size limits in which machineries operate, is operated hand made. In reason of that differences, we opt for a cooperation with the client, sourcing together the papers and all materials suitable for this operation.

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Extra sizes box for Treccani