News from our side: Pisacane goes bigger!

Driving along the industrial area of Pollenza, where our HQ is located, it’s hard to don’t look at the new facility: surrounded by olives trees and identified with an original signboard that encloses our philosophy: Pisacane, in boxes we trust”.

This operation was made possible thanks to a European Finance for regional development.


The project financed with this participation has led the realization of an industrial facility of around 2.050 sq/mts and has permitted several investments to improve technology inside the company. This allows the production of different products such as shoulder 3- or 4-pieces boxes, dedicated to new commodities such as eyewear and pastry packaging.

The modification of the productive layout of Pisacane allows to manage in an integrated and continuous way all the production phases, avoiding wastes and optimizing both raw materials and manufacturing times, approaching with innovation through the entire productive system. In particular, it has been improved the logistics with new machineries partly under the new Industy 4.0 regulation.

The innovation process interests the sample lab too, with the introduction of a new software for projecting.
Last but not least, the company has included with the same project a program for occupational growth, that features the introduction of five figures dedicated to production lines. The total amount of the contribution received from Marche Region is € 444.239,70.