You’ve already thought at that product, you’ve searched for it, found and selected between many on the market. You’ve purchased it online and now you’re waiting for it to be delivered. Finally, it arrives in the mail, but even before to see it, you’ve entered in contact with the brand through the box that represents itself.

It’s a quick time, sometimes very short, maybe a handful of seconds, but during that short time a huge amount of positive emotions are condensed, at the point that them can change the humor itself of your day.

And if the box has a brilliant color, like sunrays, and details talk about extreme cure and quality, the surprise effect is guaranteed.

All this is totally represented with the drawer box created for Festa Foresta, a young beachwear reality 100% Italy made with an informal target but refined at same time. The perfect match between product and packaging is achieved and perfectly transmits the brand message.

Contact us if you wish to learn more about this product and to realize your personalized packaging.

Immagine macro Festa Foresta

Immagine di dettaglio Festa Foresta