Its shape expresses fullness and harmony, the lack of corners and sides remind us a cycle and infinite movement.

The circle has one of the highest symbolic values of our universe, and the perfection it is able to evoke brings its structure to one of the most researched of packaging world.

The round box is often matched with exclusive high-end products and it is a very requested gift box, that identifies high values items.

In this project we have designed an inner compartment able to host a ceramic bottle, at the same time assuring maximum protection too.

The outside wrapping paper is embossed and particularly suitable for being handled avoiding the fingerprints matter; it is sturdy enough to be reused as custody of different accessories for long time.

If you wish to realize a round box, entirely made in Italy, or a special box for glass bottles or glass objects, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are at your needs.

Scatola rotonda