Simple holders or precious coffer? When we think about your products, we can’t avoid to engineering solutions able to transform packaging into objects that amaze and conquer your mind. Structures and openings can denote strongly your packaging. The expectations created facing a box without unknowing the content represent a big emotional part to be considered in order to hit the target.

It’s affirmable that the surprise feeling is the task all the following memories and feelings after the unboxing and it often represents the most impressed memory.

That’s why it is so important to project surprising packaging: coffrets, book style closings, magnets and drawers are options that can be used to be declined in several sizes.

In this case we loaned the 4 nature elements: water, fire, air and earth to realize a box that introduces simultaneously 4 different structures. The off-set print on pearlescent paper represents the layouts of the natural elements creating a huge visual effect, with a guaranteed surprise-effect.

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PISACANE_still_14-06-18_Prada-amoona-11 copia