I See You – the innovative “naked” box that unveils the content

“I see you” is the name of an original packaging project.

It is a naked box born from a dual exigence: to see the inside content and to create a continuity with the artisanal core owned by the brand Le Margo.

“Naked” because the lid is realized with a black core pulp custom board, with no external wrapping paper and glue free. The board, subjected to a special treatment, creates a garment effect that matches perfectly with the shoes bag inside.

In this box, ribbons and glues leave the space to solid board, riveted with brass application.

“I see you” is an unique box in his genre that, thanks to his particular construction, allows to a pair of shoes to have an always different packaging, because the colored shoes bags create a chromatic variety perfectly distinguishable, resulting in a easier way to display for the final seller.

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scatola innovativa nuda che svela il contenuto

dettaglio della scatola nuda che svela il contenuto