Panettone and Torrone: custom boxes for your Christmas

There are two products that in the field of Italian pastry tradition are synonymous of Christmas: The Panettone and the Torrone.

Born in the old-good Italy but now widespread internationally, they registered a relevant growth in term of quantities, in the high-end field too.

They become even more products to be gifted, and in force of that, the box that holds them assumes a very important role, amplified if shipped.

The creation of a matching packaging between Panettone and Torrone, can bring to a powerful instrument for your pastry brand, able to enhance a classic ordinary product, as these Christmas products can be, unique and recognizable between many.

The perceived quality will be higher that the one generated from normal boxes, or without that character, and the retention of the customer will be assured.

Thanks to the use of thick board, precious papers and glamourous layouts, these boxes will be re-used in the future resulting in an environment impact even more controlled.

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