The complex job of positioning (or re-positioning) a brand utilizes codes and languages at various levels, in which the packaging acquires a crucial importance.

“Tiffany has in shop a thing that can’t never be bought for money, it can be only received as gift: one of his boxes”.

This was published on NY Sun in 1906, from a statement of Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany, at whom was asked to sell the Blue Box even empty. The iconic blue little boxes, dreamed from all women around the world where strategically used from the jewelry founder to elevate them at the most wanted packaging of the history.

And if it’s true that a precious packaging protects and enhances the inner product being crucial for the brand positioning, the materials choice to realize it might be winning.

The exclusive line of boxes realized in Bamberger Kaliko fabrics, with metal logos (hand fitted) offers a concrete example of how it can be lived as a luxury experience starting from the cover outside the product.

The pleasantness touch of the fabric surface marries with a color combination of sure effect, with the increasing value of the shiny logo giving out as an exclusivity additional element.

Packaging becomes now a vehicle to transfer value, acquiring the unique role of precious objects guardian.

coloured box with metallic logo

coloured boxes with metallic logo

exagonal box with metallic logo

scatola triangolare in tela e logo metallico