It’s hard to summarize in a few words what happened during back in the days of Packaging Première 2018. Surely an amazing experience, truly intense, starting from the day before the opening when we felt how unforgettable this exhibition would be.

The unmistakable style that always distinguishes us has immediately matched with our smart and chic stand hitting both visitors and other exhibitors.

Thousands of looks where posed on the boxes exposed along the two showcases, enlightened with a special luminous effect, where the creations of our box factory were exposed.

We hosted all major brands of fashion and luxury style, together with many companies, graphic designers and communication agencies that took our booth as a reference point of the all exhibition.

We went through many different requests, talked about new projects the whole time with the certainness of making steps closer to our tasks. We are just at work to be an active part with the next Packaging Première edition 2019!

Gift dello scatolificio Pisacane per il Packaging Premiere

Prodotti Pisacane Boxes al Packaging Premiere