The pack essentially expresses both practical and marketing functions, as much to be considered a multi-disciplinary item that, while protecting his content, transmits a message to his recipient.

These two objectives are the key words of our mission: innovative structure and design provided to companies in search of the perfect wrap.

The Pisacane’s Demo Kit is an eight box composition with different structures (like a Russian doll) while the 2016 Christmas Gift is a Mondrian-style multicolour box with a high visual impact.

The San Valentine project (Contains pure passion) holds a two sided heart-shaped box united by opposite magnets while the Game of Shape project reflects the variety of shaped-boxes available.

The Taste Pyramid box was born for Christmas 2017 is a tribute to different tastes with the iconic message of triangle, and can be used to expose too.

The new born in the Pisacane manor is the genial “Andiamo al sodo?” gift box, realized for Easter 2018, where an egg-shaped box (technically one of the most difficult shape to represent) leads a concrete message with great irony and efficiency.

If it’s true that “innovation” is the engine of each enterprise, we are definitely ready to let it run with a new project that will hit all the visitors that will come up to visit us at next Packaging Premiére edition 2018, from 15th to 17th may at Mico Milano. You can’t miss it at all.

scatola kit demo pack fiera

scatola di lusso per cioccolatini Paolo Brunelli

scatola cuore

scatola triangolare per cioccolatini Paolo Brunelli

scatola a forma di uovo per pasticceria