Love-themed day can’t pass on without celebrating a new special box: it results in a limited edition luxury packaging that represents at its best the leader position in this field from three generations. This heart-shaped box encloses the soul and passion that build every working day inside Pisacane.

The packaging idea comes from the dual aspect of love, made by two personalities, underlining the contrast between them. The two halves are symmetrical divided and can be reunited with magnets, hidden inside the greybeard structure, to symbolize a kiss between she and he. Inside the box we can find two compartments for chocolate round jars. Here we can find the exact colors contrast that follows the external papers: these are pulp tinted papers with embossed patterns and foil blocked with the same colors.

These limited boxes were sent to our best clients all around the globe with a special content: a co-branding with Maitre Paolo Brunelli has put to lights two new chocolate taste, seducing and fancy, resulting in a unforgettable declaration of love between the send and the receiver.