It smells like an old epoque and it’s capable to evoque a royalty and a grace that no other tissue is able to do.

The birth of the velvet sees its rise in the East back around the XIII secle, thanks to the good traffics across the Arabs countries and to links with Venice, with these far lands it arrives to Europe and becomes, during the Renaissance, a true emblem of luxury and noble lifestyle.

After hundreds of years, it arrives to us for a very unconventional use: passing from most common fashion or furniture, it now features luxury packaging too.

To select and use this material in a packaging is just itself a communication tool, because it unveils the product’s value protecting it with its soft touch.

Coffret box with velvet
Coffret box with velvet

This choice is also perfectly matched with the need to guarantee an adequate box to precious items not only during the packing phase but immediately after the sale as the packaging will endure beyond its purpose.

The second life of a packaging is something always hoped, that’s why the other materials too are selected to endure throughout time.

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