We often receive requests for boxes productions of luxury market and we punctually answer the same way. The materials we can use are always the same: paper, board but also the combination of these, together with an extreme attention to the single detail that pull us to preserve the packaging even after its first purpose.

Within the most important details there is surely the inner side of the box: it is often forgiven, at the point that we have to recall it after a quotation request, in order to let us ask: “How does the box appear inside?”

If you want to amaze and mark creating a box that will live through time, you don’t have to underestimate the choice of paper and board of course. In this case the layout was custom printed with colors that recall the outside image and that play with chromatics and curious effects.

luxury shoe boxes
luxury shoe boxes


We use to manage personally the quality of printings and productions that we place at external partners, as in this case of offset quadri printing.

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