Pisacane: in boxes we trust!

New logistic space

News from our side: Pisacane goes bigger! Driving along the industrial area of Pollenza, where our HQ is located, it’s hard to don’t look at the new facility: surrounded by..

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D as drawer: the perfect box for your dreams

Drawer Box

Paper and board, two simple materials apparently, that can give life to wonderful objects. But how? Mixing together creativity and experience it can result a distinguishable packaging project in terms..

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Extra sizes: our solution to super-sized packaging

Affirming the possibility to solve a packaging-related problem for several commodities, even between the most different ones, it’s a huge responsibility. It often happens requests that go over the standards..

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Pisacane buzz: a packaging project for e-commerce

Pisacane buzz: a packaging project for e-commerce   The lockdown has forced the closure of shops worldwide together with a substantial change of shopping methods have led both companies and..

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