The symbolic message behind the triangle is an inspiration source for this unseen gift, designed for Christmas 2017. The geometric image offered by the pyramid base as permitted to give out a box with an amazing visual impact, as good to be exposed as for special occasions. The vivid red ribbon put in contrast with the white wrap of the box invites the lucky recipient to discover anxiously the content: the ironic message “pull to enjoy” guides him throughout the unboxing moment.

Another vivid red material as the Eva inside with geometric shapes nestled in as precious gems offers the perfect stage to gourmet chocolate products. Specially selected for this combo, they amaze most exigent tasters resulting in a surprisingly experience.

This project was realized with our partner Paolo Brunelli, chocolate master of Marche region,  with the concrete intent to produce innovative packaging solutions. The recipients are clients which constantly do research on gift-special-capsule packaging projects.

scatola triangolare per cioccolatini Paolo Brunelli