When you receive a gift it’s always a special moment, full of positive feelings, from the curiosity about the content to the sense of gratitude on the behalf of the sender. Often the first feelings start directly from the packaging itself, that rapidly becomes part of the present.

We know specific strategies that, if correctly applied, result in a enhanced gift effect, upgrading the perceived value:

  • a packaging to be unwrap: the use of ribbons, flakes, outside sleeves rises the sensation of a precious gift and the “unboxing moment” is felt greater and pleasant.
  • A packaging that contains messages: colored layout, brand logos, payoffs, properly printed on the cover or lid, are all elements that plays a significant role on a positive reaction.
  • A packaging that could be re-usable with the strategy of double-gift: the packaging itself becomes something that remains beside the inner content: a new life as an instrument useful to keep another precious object.

If your product is a gift, be sure that every detail is cured: from materials to layouts, structure and internal product divisions.

As in the Boscolo Gift every detail is important: the personalized packaging will be the first true signal that will speak about you, and for you.