The difference between something good and something big is the attention to details (Charles R. Swindoll).

Sometimes we can think that to realize a box with a huge visual impact is necessary to use complex structures or expensive materials.

It’s hard to understand that quite often the creation of luxury packaging passes through simple details, that, correctly used, can help to achieve the best result.
This is the case of the Foulard Box, square-shaped with shoulder structure. Here the tissue paper is printed with the client’s logo and the silk ribbons match the wrapping paper color. All these elements play a significant role to transmit a message of exclusivity.

Tissue paper and silk ribbons
Tissue paper and silk ribbons

But also, they can help concretely too the pack system. The ribbons, once held in place, they allow the foulard to remain perfectly folded while the tissue paper, that is glued to the bottom of the box, is handled only once to minimize the crumple effect.

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