Storytelling is nowadays a very widespread term, meant as marketing strategy.

But what does it consist in? It is an instrument that tells the history of a brand, of a product, or a service too not only to potential final customers, but also to their own partners or competitors.

How it’s made? Storytelling not only provides support to sale process but also creates something more precious and intangible: values that generate identification inside the public.

How can we involve the box in this project? Sure we can, because packaging, the shapes, the layouts are elements with an immediate perceptions, and they speak for the product itself.

That’s why visual and verbal instruments can tell stories through out a box too. There are many concepts wrote correctly, in an efficient way and with the desired effect with the usage of images, colors, shapes, materials and particular finishes, while other messages must necessarily pass trough verbal communication.

A well-studied logo together with images and symbols is a good way to attract, united to articulated texts wrote in secondary parts, it catches the look of the customer resulting in a more involved contact with the product and the story behind it.

In this way a box can tell much more than a page “who we are” on a website, is that great uh?

scatola cofanetto per scarpe di lusso Zeer


scatola cofanetto scarpe

scatola cofanetto scarpe