When a surprise becomes sweet: the pastry packaging

It’s true that packaging is not such important as the inner object itself, but it’s also sure that box can’t be considered only as an ornamental add-on deserving no attention. A refined gift box, elegant, well-projected on a design plan and with its own identity represents an added value for every activity: from many of these, the pastry art doesn’t make an exception.

Much of the importance is related to double-functionality of the box: it can be carried home, lead it to a new life, it can be gifted vehiculating the brand not only the single customer who purchased it but also to other potential customers. Packaging choice has to be made seriously, paying attention because is not the box that makes the cake, but it enhances it, bringing value while protecting it.

Materials, colors and design cover the fundamental role and they should mirror the company’s behavior such as the logo, declined with prints and various accessories.

It may happen that a never-tasted pastry product will be purchased, without knowing if it will be good or better than other related products. That’s why packaging anticipates the experience itself of consuming and influences the purchasing options. An example? Speaking about colors, brown has always represented the soil color of the ground and artisanal work: it will surely influence positively the customer’s evaluation of the product.

bottom lid box for pastry

bottom lid box for pastry Vincente