We describe often packaging as with multiple roles, such as functional and protective, and mostly as an important vehicle of communication for the brand.

And what about playing with a box?

Positive effects of play are many even in adult life:

  • It helps to get distracted from everyday matters and it relieves stress
  • It stimulates creativeness
  • It helps to be reckless and regain a good mood
  • It trains brain

These are only a few of the many positive effects gainable dedicating a couple of mins a day, and then, why don’t you try to play with a box?

That is what we did designing this original Moon Cakes box: thanks to a particular system of cut and gluing between paper and board, it creates a funny circular move, discovering different opening in every side.

At each spin the drawers appear in different positions enhancing the surprise effect before surprising the content.

At this point we match elegant and refined layouts on the protective folder, together with golden foil block of Miu Miu logo: all these elements contribute to the uniqueness of this box.

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scatola che ruota Miu Miu

scatola a cassetti Miu Miu

scatola a cassetti Miu Miu

scatola a cassetti Miu Miu