Steve Jobs said: “When you open an iPhone or iPad Box, we just want the tact experience gives out the right perception of the product”.

The Apple founder had a maniacal attention to packaging, from materials with which it is composed, to layouts, opening structures, to inside compartments.

And the iPhone it’s one of them products, that we gift or when it is gifted to us, where the experience starts already from outside the box.

In Japan, it might happen that packaging is more important than the content, at the point that the gift is the very box, wonderful but absolutely empty.

Every product, from the simplest to the most expensive, can have a value perception totally different in line with the packaging with which is packed.

Try to think about a small dessert, usually eat in a few seconds, but able to satisfy for quality and taste the most exigent senses of gourmets.

When a product like that, in addiction to be infinitely good, is visually very nice too, then it’s worth to maximize its value through a dedicate gift box, as for this mono-portion box.

Designed following a maniacal care in any details, from golden foil block to elegant dyed ribbon, this packaging is able to protect the cake being visible at the same time, to be an essential part of the product itself.

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