The packaging is the element able to link the consumer (and its senses) to the product as much as we can affirm the experience itself starts from the packaging.

Discover which emotions and reactions flow into people permits to build an ever more pleasant experience. But how it’s made?

An important help comes from “neuromarketing”, the technic able to understand perceptions and direct impulses to different consumer’s senses, that lead cognitive process influencing the final buy.

Which are the neuromarketing elements linked to packaging?

First of all, the color: acting on visual urges the color defines attention, transmits information, incites emotions and enforces the identity: all these features are transmitted to our neuro system resulting in an influenced product’s choice.

Another sense that, if it’s correctly stimulated, plays a fundamental role is tact: attention to consistency is essential to provide information about product quality, origin and its general identity.

Future features of multisensorial packaging will surely be hearing and smell. The emotions linked to different sounds reach human mind as memories, evoked every time the same by our brain. Smell too are so important, often widespread to recall positive and familiar feelings.

That’s why we love to explain you our color choices, the geometrical shapes, the sensations touching different papers, board thickness that protects and preserves precious content and many more elements you can find in our boxes: surely a packaging that speaks to our mind before the product itself.

church shoe box

wine box