Thanks to Marco Polo the first bunch of porcelains arrived in Europe, coming form the far China. The traveler from Venice has named them this way remembering the brilliant white of delicate sea shells.

These objects, very fragile and wonderful, have became since then a symbol of richness and power: all the noble European families did true challenges in order to ensure the best precious porcelains collections.

As today’s vessels, dishes, and porcelain objects match the concept of elegance, and often necessary to complete and bring preciousness tables and different genre scenarios.

These amazing thinks need undoubtedly a strong and functional packaging, preserving them to eventual damages but at the same time giving out an image of luxury useful even once the object is gifted.

An adequate thick board is the first step to build up the packaging, designed to hold a set of coffee cups. The inner spaces, designed ad hoc for the single objects, are structured to guarantee maximum adherence and prevent undesired movements.

Noble prints, the label stitched hand-applied and the original closing system with the elastic ribbon closed with a metal branded plate, complete the boxes revealing a perfect usage per exposition too.

bottom lid porcelains and crystals Prada

bottom lid porcelains and crystals Prada