Inspiration and versatility: the wardrobe box

If we think that the first impression might be important, it’s also true that to create a good project doesn’t necessarily mean to overdo or invent something complex.

Sometimes it needs to be a simple idea, smartly developed, able to focus into a point commonly used for a certain kind of product.

That’s why a box, made of paper and board, with some precautions such as innovation and versatility, can be transformed into a mini wardrobe case, full equipped with smart drawers, that catches you at a first look.

What does a box like this can contain? Jewels, chocolates, cosmetics and much more: obvious is that a box like this is able to let you feel something, excites curiosities, astound and involve even before the object itself, preserved there inside.

So, paper and board are enough, combined together with special finishing or technical structures, to create an original packaging that surely leaves the with drawers for jewelry Prada