It has a language naturally referred to unconscious, but represents a true informative code that recalls precise sensations: that’s why colors are so important.

In the packaging world, color is the element that directly offers a bounce of signals, at the point to become a synonymous of the content itself (just think to Tiffany’s blue).

Any color leads a specific message that activates some mental connections and recalls precise emotions.

Blue, for example, is a brain color: it is commonly paired with intellectual and logical thinking, varying the tonality from clearer to darker it expresses smartness and mystery.

Red is the color that is firstly recognized from new born, it’s the most powerful and lively color. It often represents energy, passion, but also danger and aggressivity.

It is used to identify something important, to underline something and also to a huge physicality and uncommon fighting spirit.

Yellow transmits sunny feelings, positivity, lively and youth, frequently used to lead unconventional messages, innovation and to catch attention.

Green is the fifth excellence of natural colors: it is universally paired with nature, plants, leading originality and respect for environment. In some tones it expresses the idea of calmness and patience, together with spirituality.

And what about non-colors? White and black enhance smartness and sobriety, pureness the first one and authority the second one. Combined together them are often associated to extreme luxury.

To select colors for packaging is therefore something different that easy. If you better know effect on our sensations, you will surely have a better result.

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