Christmas dates: Advent Calendar


To design a packaging for a special event as Christmas is for us an important opportunity to improve all our packaging background. Every year, at the end of summertime while..

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A special bottle? Ask for a better box!

bottom lid box Gabrielloni

The rising care about what we eat lead us through a deeper accuracy for products selection, often guided by detailed information on who the produced is and where the production..

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The luggage box to store up and reuse.


Only a few things have the symbolic meaning of the luggage: on one hand it holds all the emotional side of the trip, from the beginning of a new adventure…

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The refinement that gives the right value.

bottom lid box for pastry Vincente

When a surprise becomes sweet: the pastry packaging It’s true that packaging is not such important as the inner object itself, but it’s also sure that box can’t be considered..

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A multitasking mini-wardrobe.

box with drawers for jewelry Prada

Inspiration and versatility: the wardrobe box If we think that the first impression might be important, it’s also true that to create a good project doesn’t necessarily mean to overdo..

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Visual and design to catch the attention

bottom lid box Santoni

To catch attention, distinguish from competitors, to be recognizable within many: it is nothing but simple to reach these steps within the multiple inputs that hit the final customer. The..

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