Custom packaging for a small coffer


Small items with a huge value require same attention to packaging, above all if packaging itself works as a gift box. This particular coffer with drawer structure was designed with..

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Food packaging and special events


To prevent client’s necessities and find solutions is the leit motiv of our daily routine. Anniversaries, special introductions, gifts and events are dates that you can find in every company..

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Christmas dates: Advent Calendar


To design a packaging for a special event as Christmas is for us an important opportunity to improve all our packaging background. Every year, at the end of summertime while..

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A special bottle? Ask for a better box!

bottom lid box Gabrielloni

The rising care about what we eat lead us through a deeper accuracy for products selection, often guided by detailed information on who the produced is and where the production..

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The luggage box to store up and reuse.


Only a few things have the symbolic meaning of the luggage: on one hand it holds all the emotional side of the trip, from the beginning of a new adventure…

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The refinement that gives the right value.

bottom lid box for pastry Vincente

When a surprise becomes sweet: the pastry packaging It’s true that packaging is not such important as the inner object itself, but it’s also sure that box can’t be considered..

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